Increasing the pickup rates of ship-to-store orders

This past summer, I was able to work at Wish on the Consumer Team which focused on their Wish Local program. The goal for my project was to help increase the pick-up rates for online orders that were shipped to local businesses.


May - Aug 2021


1 product designer, 1 software engineer, 1 data scientist and 1 PM


🀝 Handed Off


User research, Interaction design, visual design, prototyping

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Customers weren't picking up their orders which hurt local businesses

Wish Local is a program that allows local businesses to promote themselves through the Wish Platform. Whether it's listing their own products for sale or being a pick-up location for Wish users to ship their online orders to.

As we looked to grow the Wish Local program, our team mandate was to increase the pick-up rates for orders that were shipped to our local businesses.

My Role

I worked very closely with the user research team to build and conduct a research strategy, data science to identify potential gaps and target audiences, and with my product manager to scope and set deadlines for my project.


Just because you can, should you?

Although it wasn't my first internship, my time at Wish really challenged me as a designer and played an important role in my growth. I learned a lot about how to think critically about planning projects, being very resourceful about the tools and information I had at my disposal and, understand other ways to keep a project moving forward when you get blocked.

I am extremely grateful for my time at Wish and more importantly, the people that gave their time to guide me, help me understand where I went wrong and give their feedback. A few takeaways:

  • How else can you look at it? I discovered that I struggle to analyze and interpret quantitative data. Whether it was knowing what to look for or understanding what was being shown, there is a lot more room for me to work more closely with data and find out how to draw those connections.
  • You won't always get consensus. When you take lead on the project, you're expected to be the domain expert. No one has more context into the problem than you, so sometimes you have to make a decision that you think is best. I was hesitant at times to pull the trigger and say my opinions, so I learned to put more trust in myself and my abilities.
  • Think long term about what you need to grow in. Wish and the entire design team gives you the opportunity to take full responsibility over your projects. And because of that, I learned how to be very intentional about what my next steps are to keep the project moving forward.