Helping build the B2B platform on Shopify

For most of 2022, I was a product design intern at Shopify on the Merchandising team. In a digital by default environment, I focused on developing my ability to communicate synchronously (e.g., presentations) and asynchronously (e.g., slack messages, video recordings). From completing a workshop on storytelling to a course on prototyping, being able to cater your work to the people you're presenting to plays an important role in ensuring your project's success.

My work is currently under NDA, but it focused on contributing to the 'B2B on Shopify' initiative, which you can read more about on Shopify Editions.


Internship (remote)


Product design intern


May - Dec 2022


User research, interaction design, visual design, prototyping

🔒This project is under NDA. Please contact for more details!

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